Design Build in Summerville

Design-build is a simple, streamlined approach to home construction. This means that at Wright Services & Renovations LLC, we’ll handle everything. We are your single point of contact for site acquisition, design, engineering and construction work. Our management starts pre-construction and ends post construction—or in other words, the moment you, the client, are satisfied with our work.

When you work with one company to build your Summerville home, you don’t need to be concerned about a multi-faceted team that may include weak links. Our educated and experienced team are all tried and true and have completed many successful jobs together. Let us do the research so that you don’t have to.

Design-Build vs. Traditional Construction

Traditional project delivery has a lot more moving parts than design-build delivery. Traditional project delivery includes five main components:

  • Owner
  • Designer
  • Contractor
  • Sub-consultants
  • Sub-contractors

The owner manages two main contracts: that of designer and contractor. They must act as middlemen between these two who may have difficulties communicating at times. Designers manager their sub-consultants, and contractors manage sub-contracts. Because of this you will have to rely on their base of knowledge and experience to hire competent teams.

Design-build has three main components:

  • Owner
  • Design-build entity
  • Sub-consultants

As owner, you will only have to manage your contract with us, the design-builders. Our designer and contractor are on the same team and will give you unified suggestions and project updates. They are well-aware of what each are working on, as well as their respective sub-consultants.

One of the biggest selling points of a design-build team is cost minimization. Custom built properties can run up a bill quickly, and less team members means less overhead.

Less Micro-Management

Design-build is a beneficial path to pursue especially for large-scale products. The less you have to micromanage and troubleshoot, the more you’ll have time to think about the big picture in terms of home design.

Divided teams can disagree on fundamental aspects of a build that you as an owner may not have all the information about, making it difficult to make an executive decision. At Wright Services & Renovations LLC we’ve been providing Summerville with quality teamwork for years.

Our architects and contractors work shoulder to shoulder to make sure the project turns out exactly the way all three of you imagine it right from the start. Their sub-consultants and building team are also part of this smooth process and provide the highest level of quality construction and professionalism.

Keeping it Simple

At Wright Services & Renovations LLC we understand that building a house is a huge undertaking. It’s complicated, and stressful. Whether it’s a bungalow or a mansion, you’re going to need the most responsible and reliable team at your side throughout the process.

A design-build team offers everything necessary to keep stress levels low and the chance of excellent results high. Don’t struggle with feuding contractors and designers and sub-par build teams. Call us today to meet in person and see just how dynamic our Summerville team is!