Design Build in Charleston

Did you know there isn’t just one way to build a house? The most traditional way first involves hiring an architect who will design your home from scratch or alter an existing plan. With plans in hand, you will then hire a contractor who will bring this plan to fruition with the help of skilled sub-contractors.

This way of operating involves a lot more work for the client, who is responsible for coming to the contractor with a perfect plan, and acting as go-between for the architect and contractor. Not only this, but you are at the mercy of your subcontractors, who may not be as professional as you expect!

But have no fear—we at Wright Services & Renovations LLC are here to serve our Charleston clients differently, with the design-build approach.

Client-Friendly Building

When you hire Wright Services & Renovations LLC, you’re hiring a ready-made team whose ability to work together has already been tested.

Our contractors and architects collaborate to get your plan right from the start. Because of this, you face no liability for plan errors, they’ll catch them all! With an architect/contractor partnership, your build can start sooner than expected. Finally, design-build projects are more cost effective and the visibility of this cost is clearer faster.

Our Charleston builders are used to working with our contractors and architects. You will never have to worry about sub-par subcontractors who, for all you know, have yet to finish a successful build. Don’t let other builders make your dream their trial run!

Speedy Quality

It’s not often you’ll see an industry that can promise guaranteed speed and quality, but with design-build construction, we can.

With a team that works flawlessly together your timeline isn’t vulnerable to the unexpected issues that can crop up during a regular build. Don’t forget, the home construction process is a complicated one and people at times let their emotions get the better of them. Lower the chances of that by hiring Wright Services & Renovations LLC.

Architect and contractor will work side by side making sure that your home not only looks ideal, but works properly. Without extending time to find the best subcontractors, the build site will be active much faster.

Design-Build for the Discerning Client

Choosing the companies that will be building your future home, the focus of a property you will spend years of your life on, is a stressful job.

When you come to Wright Services & Renovations LLC and employ our design-build team, the buck stops with us. Architect and general contractor are a package deal along with builders and subcontractors who will accomplish assessments, pre-construction process’, architecture, schematics, engineering and construction.

We welcome you to browse through our readily-available portfolio and client reviews. You can feel confident that in our hands your dream home will be manufactured as such, and not as a stress-filled nightmare.

When you call Wright Services & Renovations LLC, you can speak immediately with any members of your future team and see if they’re the right fit. Our guarantee is your happiness and our job is not complete until you’re satisfied!